Does Florida pay for Iguana removal?

Dealing with an abundance of invasive iguanas in Florida has prompted many individuals to wonder if the state provides payment for iguana removal services. While Florida does not directly offer financial compensation for iguana removal, it does have initiatives in place to manage the population. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) considers iguanas […]

Does bobcat urine repel Iguanas?

When it comes to dealing with unwanted iguanas on your property, various methods are often considered for their potential effectiveness as repellents. One method that is sometimes suggested is the use of bobcat urine as a deterrent. However, it is important to assess the effectiveness and limitations of this approach. The concept behind using bobcat […]

Do moth balls repel Iguanas?

Iguanas can be a nuisance when they invade your property, leading many individuals to seek effective and safe methods to repel them. One approach that has been suggested is the use of moth balls as a repellent. However, it is important to understand the effectiveness of this method and the potential safety concerns associated with […]

Can you trap and sell green iguanas in Florida?

Green iguanas are non-native invasive reptiles that have become a significant problem in Florida’s ecosystem. Their population explosion has led to negative consequences for native wildlife, vegetation, and even infrastructure. As a result, the demand for effective green iguana management strategies has grown, prompting individuals to explore the possibility of trapping and selling these reptiles. […]

Auto Deterrent Sprayer System

Our auto deterrent spray system releases our natural mixture through spray nozzles installed throughout your property. The system can be adjusted for different times of the day when iguanas are most active.

Iguana Deterrent

Once the Iguana population is removed from your property we use a non-toxic mixture we created that Iguanas cannot stand. It’s an all natural mixture of oils extracted from herbs and plants, it is safe for humans and pets.

Clear Wrap

We install our clear wrap on trees, docks and fencing to avoid Iguanas from climbing onto your property and up onto trees. Since the wrap we use is clear, with no texture Iguanas cannot climb since its smooth surface makes their long nails slip. The clear wrap is a more attractive and effective alternative than […]

Our Iguana Traps

Our trained technicians make sure to place Iguana traps where Iguanas have the highest traffic on your property. We provide different types of traps for the job whether it’s a single trap, multi-trap and smaller traps for adolescent Iguanas.


Bees are considered to be dangerous, they defend their homes just like people do. If they perceive a threat to their hive, they will react. We understand the importance of bees in our ecosystem, therefore we remove them by the relocation of the Queen Bee and safely removing the hive without toxins.


Raccoons are known to carry a wide variety of diseases and parasites which are harmful to humans and pets. They are naturally shy animals and can pose a threat to humans or pets when cornered, ill, or protecting their young.

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