Our top priority is helping our ecosystem and protecting our native wildlife. Iguanas present a threat to our native and endangered species such as Florida Tree Snails, Miami Blue Butterflies and the Burrowing Owl. They can also transmit the infectious bacterium Salmonella to humans through contact with water or surfaces contaminated by their feces.

Visual Inspection:

Upon arrival we inspect your property for signs of iguanas. They are typically active during the day and are often seen basking in the sun or climbing on trees, fences, or structures. Our team of experts Look for droppings, tracks, and evidence of feeding, such as damaged plants or gnawed fruits. A very important assessment we provide is also looking for burrows where iguanas may be laying eggs.

Expert Advise:

Our knowledgeable team will share there expertise on the appropriate measures to take for humane iguana control, including prevention, exclusion, or removal methods that comply with the applicable regulations in your area.

Iguana removal Service:

Once our team has inspected the clients property, Our office will provide you with our proposal for all of our recommendations and tactics we use to ensure we take all needed measures for iguana eradication. Our goal is to provide the best iguana removal in south Florida.

Monthly report:

During our monthly service we provide you with our monitoring monthly report. With this process the client and our team can monitor the progress of our removals.

Preventive measures:

While servicing your property we will advise on any preventive measures needed to avoid infestation of iguanas. This may include sharing knowledgeable information of vegetation that may need changing, applying tree wraps to avoid iguanas from climbing onto roofs. Adding barriers to certain areas to avoid accesible entry points for iguanas.


Once our team has eradicated the majority of the iguana infestation we will offer our monthly iguana maintenance service. This will include continuous monitoring of your property for re-entry of iguanas, scoping for burrows and eradicating any new sightings of iguanas.

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